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700+ Voices

The next time you need a voice to talk about your company or brand, why not give it some personality?

With this AI Voice Generator and best synthetic voices from Google, Amazon, IBM & Microsoft.

You can generate realistic text-to-speech audio using the online website in seconds. From there, download mp3 files and WAV format, which play on any device!

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Create natural sounding speech in 60+ languages & accents.

With our TTS service, you can have your message delivered in over 60 languages. We offer voices for every occasion, from calm and professional to passionate or excited - all at the touch of a button!

Content Creation

It's no secret that text-to-speech is a valuable technology for those unable to read. Explore the many ways in which it can be used, from reading important announcements aloud or listening when you're travelling abroad with your device - all while saving time and money!




Compared to the high cost of professional narrators, TTS is a cheaper option for your book narration needs. With natural sounding voices that are also more fitting in tone with what you're trying to achieve as an author/reader, it can make all the difference!




Create courses with a natural and relatable voice that are guaranteed to resonate. Whether you want your content recorded in Spanish, Japanese or even Hindi - we've got it covered!




With our innovative tool, you can change your script with the click of one button. Save time and money by not re-hiring voice actors for each new version!




Imagine a world where you can have an engaging and captivating presentation with voice-over narration. Now, thanks to our TTS service for videos on YouTube or other social media channels!

Phone Calls on Auto-Pilot

The process for creating interactive voice responses is easy and quick. You can upload the files to an IVR system, which will allow you more control of what messages are being delivered in this way!

Securely Stored

With the help of this service, you can store and manage your text-to-speech synthesized audio files in one place, so they stay safe. You'll also be able to create drafts for future conversions or changes without having them disappear if something goes wrong!

Store Audio Files
Export Audio

Audio Formats

Create your own high-quality audio files in minutes with this easy to use online tool! Choose from different sample rates and export them as MP3s or WAVs. You can even convert text into an appealing format for listening on the go - just download it once, then embed it anywhere there's space leftover (like inside another document).

Multiple Voices

Merging audio files is a great way to combine different voices and perspectives. You can also create drafts of your text, which will allow you more flexibility in what's being said!

Merge Audio

Hear From Our Clients

5 tacos. Must have for me!

I have been looking for a TTS with unlimited characters and mp3 conversions that I can use to convert my newsletters to audios in order to lessen my eye screen time. This deal allowed me to do that! I am in love with the British voices. Support responded asap when I had an issue.


Great software - best TTS app I have found

Thanks to all the team for providing a great TTS app. I have tested a number of different TTS apps and this one is by far the best. Really good voices coupled with some great features.


UTRRR is a text-to-speech tool that makes life easier

The app offers a variety of voices to choose from, which are all great. The app also allows you to change the speed of the voice, which is helpful. All in all worth investing


User Interface and User Experience Suggestions

UTRRR has the most natural sounding voices of any tool I have used so far. I made two user interface and user experience suggestions to the founder and he corresponded very quickly and was very receptive to improving this software. UTRRR has a lot of potential. You should buy it if you're on the fence.


Professional And Powerful

Now you can create professional audio with our powerful online editor!

Just type, paste or import your text and turn it into an amazing voice recording in seconds.

Enhancements like speech styles pronunciation, SSML tags and Drafts/AutoSave

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Yes, Blakify comes with 85 different languages so you should find one that suits your needs

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